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Until now, building IoT solutions was expensive,

time-consuming to develop and hard to scale.

Qubitro is the integral of connected

solutions that are building the modern world of tomorrow.

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Connecting devices across the world

Qubitro is the fastest way to work with the data generated by IoT devices. We help developers and companies that want to realize the value of IoT devices and device data.

Fully Managed, Unified Experience


Built-in real-time traffic acceleration for low end-to-end network latency and connectivity.

Predictable Pricing

Our billing model has been created from scratch – pay as you connect with no surprises.

Ease of use

Build connected solutions in minutes with our no-code platform.

Data as API

We’ve built APIs to make querying & accessing your data super easy.

Global Scalability

Let your engineers focus on solutions, not cloud infrastructure or API design.

Heuristic Design

We not only care how things work but also how you interract with them.

Connect Devices

The future Today is in the Cloud

Ever dreamed of the power of traditional cloud providers combined with easy-to-use low-code platforms?

Qubitro runs on Equinix Metal to offer global, interconnected bare-metal performance combined with privacy, and security without compromising pricing.

Use Qubitro's platform and services to build connected solutions

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Building the future, together

Whether you build IoT solutions in specific vertical, or produce IoT hardware, partnering with Qubitro helps you create a new revenue streams and global visibility.


Qubitro’s role is vital in increasing the scalability of RAKwireless by providing users with a copy-paste-monitor experience.


I was able to get sensor data from device to dashboard faster than I could switch my browser tabs.


Our cooperation gives an easy-to-use integration opportunity to our customers when they purchase our development boards.

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